The Insiders

First Tuesday at Rob's


Ilantra has met his companions, Olka (a Changeling) and Diana (a Shifter). and members of the Insiders, Master Blue (a Gith) and Lock (a Promethian).

Master Blue stated that three tasks must be completed before they will be accepted into the guild, the first was to retreave a purple feather from a clock tower in the Tinkerer’s Ward, which was accomplished largely due to Ilantra’s willingness to use intimidation, Olka’s ability to find a fast path, Diana’s skill at haggling and, ultimately, Ilantra’s feats of climbing and perception. Also encountered along the way were.. A Dretch who was interrupted on a task for his master. A Wagon driver. Three Bugbears herding some sort of chickens. A large number of Dwarven tradesfolk (including Barlen the Bartender) Three Bugbear ‘tax collectors’.

Master Blue was impressed with the speed at which this task was completed.



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