The Insiders

2nd Tuesday at AJ's House
  • DM: AJ
  • Players:
  • Farron – Olka the Changeling Bard (cross class Warlock)
  • Jason – Ash the Longtooth Shifter Rogue
  • Murray – Ilantra the Changeling Warden
  • Robin – Catanya the Tiefling Warlord (cross class Paladin) *

The group relaxed in the Guild tower’s lounge, where *Master Blue arrived looking like he had just returned from a rough adventure, patched up from some combat and a bit weary, he informed the recruits that the usual venue for the next test is off the cards for now, so they are to investigate a new location. The second task to complete? They are to assemble the ingredients needed to construct their own Astron (planar navigation device), and the location they are being sent to is suspected to have a few of the items on the list.

The recruits meet Ma Gamyo, a Githzerai matron and current guild master, as well as her pet Drake named Wazzel. A Tiefling Artificer named Gizmo makes an appearance, as does the Promethian named Lock, who gives them a brief lecture on different types of portal. He introduces them to a special type of portal, consisting of a mirror with a key half in and half out of the mirror itself, the character turns a padlock on the key and the next thing you know, the entire party of recruits is standing in another room, across the city of Sigil, on the other side of a mirror, holding the end of a key, which is inserted in a padlock somehow inside the mirror image. Inside the tavern they ported into, they are met by another guild member, the Changeling called Vember, who sends them in the right direction and gives them a gift of four clockwork fob watches (part of the components required for the Astrons the recruits will need to construct and enchant in order to graduate into the guild as full members). After a brief confrontation with some Bugbear bridge extortionists, the recruits climb down a rope into The Ditch, 20 feet down they enter a Razorvine covered gap in the ditch wall, and make their way into what seems to be an old Dwarven tomb. Further in there is a chamber with a large pool of acid, a cauldron of Holy water, a cauldron of Dragon’s blood and a brazier of Elemental Rocks, which ignite as thought they were flaming coals. Additional exploration reveals that the tomb is the lair of a Beholder Gauth and it’s three skeleton servants, one Gravehound and three Dretches. Battle ensues, and the recruits are victorious! Searching reveals that they have gathered the dragon blood, elemental mercury, fey dust, residuum and some platinum coins, all components of their astron, just leaving the Astral Diamonds and Elemental Mercury for their next mission.

They also have a cleared underground lair/bolt hole within one of the more seedy parts of the city, and one more vital mission completed!

First Tuesday at Rob's

Ilantra has met his companions, Olka (a Changeling) and Diana (a Shifter). and members of the Insiders, Master Blue (a Gith) and Lock (a Promethian).

Master Blue stated that three tasks must be completed before they will be accepted into the guild, the first was to retreave a purple feather from a clock tower in the Tinkerer’s Ward, which was accomplished largely due to Ilantra’s willingness to use intimidation, Olka’s ability to find a fast path, Diana’s skill at haggling and, ultimately, Ilantra’s feats of climbing and perception. Also encountered along the way were.. A Dretch who was interrupted on a task for his master. A Wagon driver. Three Bugbears herding some sort of chickens. A large number of Dwarven tradesfolk (including Barlen the Bartender) Three Bugbear ‘tax collectors’.

Master Blue was impressed with the speed at which this task was completed.


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